Jeff Lemire Is The Latest Creator To Sign Up To Substack

by Olly MacNamee

In his latest irregular newsletter, writer/artist Jeff Lemire is the latest comic book creator to announce his plans to migrate to alt-right supporting platform Substack.

Promising to post more regularly (well you have to if one is paying for access, right?) Lemire has promised “a variety of material including behind-the-scenes material, work in progress and also a weekly work journal so you can track my various books,” plus “access to limited-edition prints, exclusive variant covers and and other artwork and merch that will be for sale only to paid subscribers.” Oh, and of course, new and exclusive comic books. Comics like Fishflies which Lemire will be writing and illustrating himself.

Fishflies is a project I am both writing and illustrating, and I’ve been working on it since I finishedMazebookandSweet Tooth: The Returnat the end of 2020. At the time of writing this I have about 120 pages fully drawn, and the entire story is plotted out. It’s going to be a BIG book. Probably my longest book since I finished the originalSweet Toothseries. I’m projecting it to be at least 500+ pages long, and it will likely take me a couple more years to draw”.  – Jeff Lemire

Fishflies will start publishing for subscribers next week and come in five page instalments, alongside process art and eventually, after each chapter is completed, a digital download.

Following that will be exclusive Black Hammer content too. His long running Black Horse shared universe project.

“I’m collaborating with a number of exciting creators to create some newBlack Hammershort stories that I’ll publish here over the next year.

There will also be one larger Black Hammer story as well, a full-length Colonel Weirdcomic co-written by Barbalien: Red Planet and House of Slaughter writer Tate Brombal and fully painted by my good friend Ray Fawkes.” – Jeff Lemire

All this and the promise of much, much more to come.

But with so many top tier creators signing up for this new subscription model, can your regular comic book loving fan afford to pay the various monthly fees and keep up with all their faves? I for one can’t, that’s for sure. And that’s before the moral dilemma of whether I even want to support a platform that actively seek out and sign up right wing writers. But then, I doubt I will be alone on that one.

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