Order Must Be Maintained: ‘Sweet Tooth: The Return’ #3 Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Written and illustrated by Jeff Lemire
Colour art by Jose Villarrubia

“Oh no, oh no! Things are even worse now! Father told the boy and Penny to go to the jail cell for a time out, but now it looks like they have escaped! And what’s this? One of Father’s nannies has gone missing too? And the Downsiders are angry with Father? Oh dear, this simply will not do. Not one bit. The people must be put back in their places. Order must be maintained. Otherwise humanity cannot survive. Will Penny and the boy ruin Father’s perfect plans, or will he have to put an end to the meddlesome children?”

Sweet Tooth: The Return #3 is out Tuesday 29th December from DC Comics/DC Black Label

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