The Hall Of Justice Has Fallen In ‘Justice League’ #67 Preview

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by David Marquez, Alejandro Sanchez

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Ram V
Pencils Phil Hester, Sumit Kumar
Inks Eric Gapstur, Sumit Kumar
Coloured by Hi-Fi, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Nick Filardi

“It’s the Justice League versus the United Order as the truth that gives power to this new cosmic super team crosses a line that the Justice League cannot allow. Will there even be a United Planets after this thunderous clash of intergalactic superpowers? Also, Green Arrow must come to terms with his responsibilities to both Checkmate and the League. Ollie may have to pick which path to follow, but what does it mean for the future of the League if the guy paying the bills has to bail? The Silent School used their magic for years to protect Atlantis from all kinds of invaders, but nothing prepared them for the most powerful sorcerer ever…Merlin! Luckily, the Justice League Dark arrives to turn the tide of the battle. However, they’re not fighting at full strength. Zatanna is harboring a dark secret, and if she unleashes her magic, it could drown everyone!”

Justice League #67 is out Tuesday 7th September from DC Comics

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