Review: ‘Ordinary Gods’ #3 Sees Action And Intrigue

by Benjamin Hall


Both parties of godly beings search Paris for the Trickster. However, change abounds for one party. What will this mean for the future?


Writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark continue to create a compelling main story. They also make what could be severely stock character traits tolerable. However, they do fail to include two words in one bit of dialogue. Though this is also the fault of editor/designer Michael Busuttil. Other than this flaw there are no real problems with the script or lettering. Speaking of the lettering letterer Clayton Cowles elevates the characterization of two characters via two different font colors. Cowles does this in a way that connects with two of the colors colorist Frank William uses for them.

Ordinary Gods #3 cover art by Felipe Watanabe and colors by Frank William

When it comes to the color palette for this issue it is very similar to the last two issues. The only difference being there is more use of a fantasy genre palette for certain pages. While the designs by Busuttill and production art by artist Ryan Brewer only provide minor additions to scenery and the consistency of characters. Yet, what does greatly add to this issue is the back-up story by writer Janna Topper. Much like the supplementary material of Watchmen (1986-1987) Topper’s work provides insight and a greater history for Ordinary Gods (2021-present).

The main cover is by artist Felipe Watanabe and Frank William. Watanabe’s work on the cover is as strong in terms of line work and characterization as the interior work he creates. However, William deviates with some different hues on some of the background elements. While artist Doaly creates the 1:25 variant cover, and in a way ends up spoiling a potential future reveal. Yet, it is a great design with an impressive color palette. Artist Yoshi Yoshitani continues an interlocking variant cover design for retailer Linebreakers that also works well enough on its own. Finally the logo by designer Rich Bloom stands out well on all three covers.

Ordinary Gods #3 is out now from Image Comics.

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