Violent Fantasy Epic ‘Savage Wizard’ Comes To Kickstarter September 15

by Tony Thornley

Sword and Sorcery is one of the comics industry’s most stalwart genres. It’s given us classics like Conan, Red Sonja, and Elric; and modern marvels like Skullkickers, Headlopper and Barbaric. On September 15th, a new Sword and Sorcery hero rises on Kickstarter — Savage Wizard.

Savage Wizard is a new twenty-eight page one-shot coming to Kickstarter tomorrow, September 15. The story comes from the creative team of writers Lesly Julien and Doug Wood, artist Brian Flint, and letterer Toben Racicot with a cover by Alaire Racicot and Dearbhla Kelly. It asks the question, “What would happen if Conan had to learn magic?

There is only one thing barbarian chief R’Nar lives for: the battlefield. But R’Nar finds himself ousted from his clan by his best friend, Skom, who begins to search for a legendary blade he believes will allow him to rule the world. R’nar, now dishonored, drifts aimlessly. It’s up to the doom-crying quirky wizard Oqora to force R’Nar to re-class as a wizard if they are to have any hopes of stopping the end of the world.

Rewards for the campaign range from a digital PDF of the issue for $5US to being drawn into the book for $100. Check out our unlettered preview from the story below and check out the campaign when it launches tomorrow

Be sure to get in on the ground floor of this new fantasy epic before October 15th!

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