‘Ordinary Gods’ #3 Gets A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

Kyle Higgins and Felipe Watanabe’s mythologically based Ordinary Gods #3 has sold out at the distributor level, meaning a second printing is imminent. Ordinary Gods #3 reprint cover will feature artwork by Danilo Beyruth.

Ordinary Gods #3, also saw the issue debut new co-writer and multiple award winning music composer Joe Clark. He will join Higgins and Watanabe as a permanent co-writer on the series going forward.

“Paris! City of Light! The awakened gods are on the hunt for the Trickster—but how do you find one person in a city of millions? And they’ll need to hurry—because on the Plane of the Gods, those who remain are starting to move against them.”

Ordinary Gods #3, second printing will be available on Wednesday, October 13th from Image Comics.

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