Advance Review: ‘Vinyl’ #4 Ramps Up The Body Count And The Shocks In Another Horrifically Fun Issue

by Olly MacNamee

Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard certainly ramp up the gore ratio in Vinyl #4, with casualties on both sides. Like the blood, this latest issue’s action runs thick and fast throughout. Surprisingly, I would dare anyone not to now be macabrely siding with Walter who has come unstuck with his dementia causing the rest of his murderous menagerie of serial killers infiltrating the murder cult to save FBI agent, Dennis, whom Walter counts amongst his friends. 

While Ed Piskor’s Red Room is the comic book equivalent of a Dario Argento video nasty from the ‘80s, Wagner and Hillyard’s is a slicker, but no less shocking Blumhouse style production. With colour artist, Dave Stewart, using up a good deal of blood-red which are often contrasting with paler colours to really emphasis the blood letting. And while it is most certainly a morally lacking book, you’ll be surprised by the level of loyalty on show in this issue. Like Plastic before it, you just can’t help but show some sympathy to several characters in this series. But in a series full of monsters, some are most definitely far more vicious than others. Wagner simply encourages you to take sides.

It’s a comic that like any good horror film delivers on shocks and spectacle and with two more issues still to go, I fear there will be even more bodies piled up high before this little savage saga is dead and buried. 

 Vinyl #4 is out Wednesday 22nd September from Image Comics

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