The Long Awaited Trailer For ‘Bayonetta 3’ Finally Releases

by Tito W. James

Back in 2009 a hack-and -lash video game came from Japan. This game was controversial, violent, sexually charged, and blasphemous. That video game was Bayonetta and it was a smash hit. Bayonetta’s title character is a gun-toting witch fights angels and summons interments of torture from her own hair.

To this day I’ve never encountered a video game as audacious that’s received such mainstream success. The first level had Bayonetta slaying angels on the wings of a plane and the final sequence has her ride a motorcycle up a skyscraper into heaven to fight God.

Bayonetta has a strong fanbase who’ve been pining for more insanity that only her game series can deliver. Now with the long awaited release of Bayonetta 3 we can finally see the gaming world bewitched once again.

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