Christopher Priest Plans An AMA In Support Of ‘Vampirella’ NFT Releases

by Erik Amaya

Dynamite’s NFT rollout continues.

The company announced Friday morning the arrival of Vampirella digital comics, graphic novels, and other collectibles as part of their partnership with Terra Virtua. To support the release of new products, Vampirella writer Christopher Priest will also conduct an AMA on Reddit for fans looking to learn more about his work on the series, his career in general, the NFT collectibles market, and more. Questions can be asked now and Priest will be responding with answers Friday September 24 at 12 PM noon EST.

Digital items available as non-fungible tokens include the first issue of Priest’s Vampirella run with artist Ergün Gündüz and letterer Willie Schubert. The complete Seduction of the Innocent graphic novel will also be available alongside a Director’s Cut, with “a more limited run and additional extra features only capable in the NFT space.” Additionally, Terra Virtua is offering a special 3D Vampirella statue based on the art of J. Scott Campbell (pictured above). The item is up for auction across the next 24 hours.

The limited-edition Dynamite digital collection, including the Vampirella collectibles, is available on Terra Virtua.

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