The Weekly 2000 AD Prog #2251: Going Out Out All Over Again

by Richard Bruton

Time to head out to the land of 2000 AD, the UK’s greatest sci-fi weekly comic for four decades and counting… it’s The Weekly 2000 AD!

Ooooh… it’s Mark Harrison and The Out

Last week we had McMahon, this week it’s Mark Harrison giving us another stunning front cover.

And inside, best of all, we get another episode of Dan Abnett and Harrison’s The Out, plus the second servings of everything that started off last week – meaning more of Judge Dredd and Maitland finding out just how hard ‘The Hard Way can be, more diabolical doings in The Diaboliks, we’re Jupiter bound in Scarlet Traces Storm Front, and get more fun and frolics with Pandora Perfect.

So… what you waiting for? 2000 AD Prog #2250 in store and online from 29th September.

Ready for a look inside? You know you are…

JUDGE DREDD: THE HARD WAY – PART 2 – Rob Williams, Arthur Wyatt, Jake Lynch, colours by Jim Boswell, letters by Annie Parkhouse.

The kill order on Maitland is out, with The Red Queen’s hit squad stepping up.

First up – Vektor – he’s missed already. But Dredd… not so much.

Okay, just look at that panel from Jake Lynch. That is so damn good. It’s innovative, it’s different, and visually a delight.

After this, we get the weirdness ramping up and up. Never mind Vektor’s way of moving around with a Dredd-sized hole in his chest, how about the Mechanismo demo unit MC-1 was looking to flog to Brit-Cit?

Silly, silly, silly stuff, with Williams and Wyatt digging deep into the over-the-top stories of Dredd of old. It’s a hella lot of fun.

THE DIABOLIKS – ARRIVEDERCI ROMA – PART 2 – Gordon Rennie, Antonio Fuso, letters by Jim Campbell.

Right then, Jenny’s demon has been called to work for some unholy masters, meaning she’s headed off to the Vatican for a very special auction. What she wasn’t expecting was that hubby would tag along.

Still, on with the auction, as the Codices Infama are up for auction, one of the lots from the most classified section of the Vatican library. But there’s a high chance that this copy of the codex is not what Jenny was expecting, not at all.

So far, loads of enjoyable digs at the Church, as you’d expect from The Diaboliks, Rennie obviously enjoying things, Fuso’s artwork a delicious thing in perfect b&w.

SCARLET TRACES – STORM FRONT – PART 2 – Ian Edginton, D’Israeli, letters by Simon Bowland.

After the weird psychedelic dreams of Yellow Submarine-stylings in part 1, we’re back into the meat of Scartlet Traces now, with Ahron Shakespeare and Ikarys before the Jovians, looking to broker a deal to bring them into the war against the Martians.

But the Jovians have already suffered much at the hands of these Martians, as we’re about to find out in a lovingly crafted couple of pages of exposition from Edginton and D’Iraeli, as we learn about the fate of the planet Prosperina.

This one looks like it’s going to be a pretty straightforward Scarlet Traces series, get the Jovians on board, off to repel the Martians, that sort of thing.

But then again, this is Scarlet Traces, and who knows which way it’s going to go – all we really know is it’s going to be good reading, whatever happens.

PANDORA PERFECT – MYSTERY MOON – PART 2 – Roger Langridge, Brett Parson, letters by Simon Bowland.

It’s party time onboard the yacht of Bartleby Spugg, Pandora’s old friend (well, sort of,) as Moonsausage Inc throw a charity fundraiser for all those endangered pets.

Although of course, there’s a cunning plan behind it all, with Spugg getting Pandora and Gort involved to steal the Wonga diamond. The heist is on…

So, throw in the Printo 3000 diamond copier, a Blob-Beast from Emoticon IV that Pandora’s meant to be looking after, and Pandora’s latest bit of thievery seems to be going way too easy. You reckon there’s going to be a spanner in the works? You reckon it’s going to be a funny spanner? Oh yes, I reckon you’re right.

But the point of having a full series is that there’s time for Langridge to set things up, to let things play out, and that’s just what’s going on – although of course you get plenty of stunning Parson art and some neat laughs along the way.

THE OUT – BOOK TWO – PART 2 – Dan Abnett, Mark Harrison, letters by Annie Parkhouse.

Part two, just ten pages in, and it’s STILL got it. The first book was the best thing for such a long time here in 2000 AD. The second book, so far, has taken everything and just kept on going.

Cyd’s out there looking for other humans but appears to have struck out this time, getting there too late for Denzel Stockwell. Still, at least she gets to give a very different kind of eulogy at his funeral.

It’s all so wonderfully alien, just as you’d expect this far out, right down to poor old Cyd nearly getting to throw up all over again…

Yep, this is just a wonderful series. But then again, given how much I loved the first one, Abnett and Harrison were always going to deliver the goods, weren’t they?

By the end of this episode, Cyd’s off again, and the travels are only just beginning!

And every page here is a spectacular thing, Harrison blowing it away, so much going on in every single page, every interconnection between the panels, all the alien detailing. It’s just such a delight. And then he really starts showing off with the final panel, just a stunning, amazing shot of Cyd heading off out all over again.

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