Review: ‘Second Coming: Only Begotten Son’ #6 Offers Up A Heart-Warming Life Affirming Ending With A Good Few Laughs Along The Way

by Olly MacNamee


Jesus speaks with his dad while Sunstar takes out a sneaky Eastern European dictator. All this and Sheila goes into labour! It can only be the season finale of Second Coming: Only Begotten Son by Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk.


(+++ WARNING: This review contains some spoilers for Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #6 +++)

Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #6 by Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk continues to regal readers with seemingly two separate stories in the series finale. Jesus hooks up with his dear old dad while Sunstar becomes the victim of another plot to eliminate him that drips of the kind of Silver Age superhero parody we’ve come to expect from this sequel series. 

Jesus has been profoundly effected by the tragic events of this second season and seeks solace and advice in heaven. And his father, God, finally seems to have gone through some personal growth and become the father Jesus always needed. And about time too. It’s only taken some two thousand years. But, what the home truths he does lay down chime with what Russell has been exploring throughout both series; a look at the teachings of Jesus in a contemporary setting as well as their misinterpretation by humanity. Something God has come to terms with some time ago. For all the parody, there has always been a great deal of theological debate running through it all. Albeit peppered with the refreshingly crude language of God.

And as it is the series finale we get to catch up with the bit-part players too. The supporting cast who informed Jesus and touched his heart and who have since past through the pearly gates. And while they may not find the heaven they expected, they certainly find their own happy endings. Even if it’s just free hot dogs and the chance to catch the Ramones in concert. Seems like even in Heaven the simple things in life are still some of the most precious moments. Something worth considering, right?

And while Sunstar once again makes short work of taking out the tin-pot dictator of make believe Eastern European country of Cherkya, Sheila goes into labor. But, like all good stories, the parallel plot lines finally meet up as Sunstar and Christ are both present at the birth of a rather unique child. A suitably upbeat ending for a series that, all-in-all, is upbeat and reaffirming of the great good in all our lives, whether you’re a believer or not.

While Russell excels in satirical stories whatever the genre he takes up, this series is most definitely one of his more personal, I think, and it shows. And in Pace and Kirk’s artwork there is a sheen of respectability that masks the goofiness of the superhero shenanigans and ground the whole affair. A bitter-sweet series that finishes on a high and will leave anyone who’s followed this odd couple comedy with a smile on their face and, dare I say it, a smile in their hearts too. We may be the worse thing that’s happened to this planet, but we ain’t all bad. 

A heart-warming and oft-times silly series with a profound sensibility a it’s centre and out now from AHOY Comics.

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