Riders Republic Releases New Trailer, Has A Free Demo For The First Four Hours A Week Before Launch

by Sage Ashford

With only a few days left, Ubisoft has released another trailer for their new sports game Riders Republic. Rather than being focused on the gameplay it’s mostly about the “vibe” of Riders Republic–emphasizing the game’s colorful nature, the variety of sports, and the customization.

More interesting though is Riders Republic will be offering a free beta for players to try out the game from October 21st until October 27th, which is the entire week before the game launches. The free trial will allow players to have access to the full game as well as retain their progress when the game comes out.  The only limitation is that players will only be able to play for four hours across those seven days. It’s difficult not to wonder if this is done because the pre-orders are disappointing, or if Ubisoft is simply eager to get people to try this new project that’s not like any of their other games but is still a massive title.

Riders Republic launches on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia October 28th.

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