‘Quantum Marmalade’ Smashes Kickstarter Goal On First Day

by Brendan M. Allen

Quantum Marmalade is now live on Kickstarter and was funded within 8 hours. This is the first campaign from writer/ creator Danny Walker and artist Marc Bellisco, and it continues to pick up steam.

Quantum Marmalade: The Prologue is a 55-page introduction to a new sci-fi universe. The first 10 pages of the Prologue were released in September 2021 (found here), and this campaign is to fund the printing of the complete first chapter.

Quantum Marmalade imagines a future in which humanity is scattered across the universe, seeking asylum on various inhabited planets.

‘On the backwater planet of Ee’ezzo (society circa 1960s Earth), the countries of Bazi and E’dolo are at war … again. During the last conflict, both countries were brought to their knees by a rogue madman — Y’ov — and his horrifying chemical weapons. The rival nations reluctantly brokered a truce to bring Y’ov down. A truce that lasted, well … less than a generation.

For this new conflict, Bazi has gained an advantage by immigrating human soldiers. Of particular success is their “A-9” super soldier program — a cybernetic transformation that gives humans incredible strength and power.’

Backer rewards kick in at the $10 level, for a digital copy of Quantum Marmalade: The Prologue. A physical copy can be had at the $15 ($12 Early Bird) level. At higher rewards levels, there are stickers, temporary tattoos, patches, and a… cat photo? Check out the campaign here.

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