Demons, Lovecraftian Monsters, Psycho Killers And More ‘Nightmare Theater 2,’ Live Now On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

With 35 days remaining in the campaign, Nightmare Theater 2 – Revenge of the Horror Comic Anthology is just shy of $3,000 to fully funding. A 125+ page book starring demons, Lovecraftian monsters, psycho killers and more, the NT2 anthology collects horror stories by some of the best in indie comics.

‘Do you like scary movies?

Nightmare Theater 2 – Revenge of the Horror Comic Anthology is a fresh film festival of souls presented by the horror hostess with the mostess, Shelley Poe Stoker, and her malevolent minions, The Welder and Eerie Erin. 

Settle into your seats… it‘s going to be a real horror show.’

Twenty amazing comic teams come together to present an all-new collection of spine-tingling terror and horror movie-inspired gore. Writers include Comicon’s very own James Ferguson, Mario Candelaria, Phillip Butehorn, Rich Douek, Malissa White (also a Comicon alum), Shawn Gabborin, Kat Calamia, Dave Dwonch, Richard Fairgray, James Powell, M.L. MillerRob Multari, Phil Falco, Clay Adams, and D.E. Schrader

On the art side, there’s Emanuele Taglietti, Alex Cormack, Bryan Silverbax, Michael CaleroKenan Halilovic, Mick Beyers, Don Cardenas, George Quadros, Jorge Torres, Val Halvorsen, Sonya Kinsey, and more. 

James Ferguson, Sonya Kinsey, and Scott Ewen explore the dark side of the internet in Going Viral

Curated stories are inspired by horror cinema, from Poe to Alien, ghosts and ghouls, slasher films, tales of terror, B-Movie scream fests, monster movies, Stephen King creepiness, stylized Kubrick hauntings, Romero zombies, demon possession, occult, and otherwise.

Backer rewards kick in at the $10 level, for a PDF of Nightmare Theater 2. At the $25 level, physical copies are available. As the tiers progress, there are variant covers (including some NSFW) and original cover art. Check out the campaign right here.

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