Episodic Narrative Game ‘We Are OFK’ Pokes Fun At The Gaming Industry In New Trailer

by Sage Ashford

Sony PlayStation’s State of Play brought back Kowloon Games’ We Are OFK for a new trailer which pokes mildly at the inherent ridiculousness of the modern gaming industry in a hilarious voiceover.  The game itself is an episodic narrative title about a new indie-pop band called “We Are OFK”, as they figure out how to survive in the music industry in Los Angeles.  All five episodes will also include an interactive music video, each from a song based off of their debut EP.

According to the PlayStation blog, the story itself focuses on “the struggles you face trying to create something”, and while it’s not especially encouraging that multiple times a gameplay feature has been “emotional texting, thirst texting, emoji spamming”, if the project can actually center around the struggles of building something creative, it might still turn out to be a great project.

We Are OFK will launch for PlayStation consoles and PC in 2022.

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