The ‘DC League Of Super-Pets’ Debuts (Sort Of) In New Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Krypto’s (Dwayne Johnson) life is about to be upended when Lex Luthor (Marc Maron) gets the drop on the Justice League. But luckily for the Superdog, four shelter animals have been gifted with abilities far beyond those of the average pet. Will Krypto be able to mold Ace the hound (Kevin Hart), PB the potbellied pig (Vanessa Bayer), Merton the turtle (Natasha Lyonne), and Chip the squirrel (Diego Luna) into a DC League of Super-Pets? This trailer for the animated film of the same name suggests … maybe?

One part The Secret Life of Animals and one part DC Comics characters, the film could be charming to children, but we have to admit it appeals to us less and less with each poster, trailer, and voice reveal. Which isn’t to say it will lack quality — the messaging just courts a different, yet valid audience. That said, DC League of Super-Pets could surprise us when it opens on May 20th, 2022.

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