More Creepy Colouring In Fun From Alan Roberts And IDW – ‘The Beauty Of Horror 6: Famous Monsterpieces’ Announced

by Olly MacNamee

Alan Roberts latest creepy colouring book,The Beauty of Horror,  published by IDW is due to come out summer 2022. The sixth in the series, The Beauty of Horror 6: Famous Monsterpieces is an 88 pages colouring-in book with the usual intricate, detailed hand-drawn designs, mixing horror and comedy we’ve come to expect from Roberts:

“This book is my way of making up for all of the art history classes I slept through at The School of Visual Arts,” laughs Beauty of Horror creator Alan Robert. “But seriously, it’s an absolute blast for me to interpret the iconic work of the masters by adding my horrific spin to them. Although, I’m sure they’re rolling in their graves. I tackle every illustration with a mischievous, tongue-in-cheek sensibility, and I make sure that the humor is just as important as the horror.”

The Beauty of Horror 6: Famous Monsterpieces is out August 2022 from IDW

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