What Is The Destiny Of X And What Does It Mean For The Future Of The X-Men?

by Tony Thornley

With Inferno tearing Krakoa’s status quo apart and X Lives and X Deaths of Wolverine on the horizon, the next phase of the X-Men’s journey seems to be here.

As teased in three sets of images revealed from Marvel, it appears the future is in flux. The trio of images each focuses on one character, and three potential futures- Wolverine by Carlos Gomez & Jesus Aburtov, Storm by Taurin Clarke, and Hope by David Baldeon & Israel Silva.

Each one seems to hint at different paths each mutant could take, and a date of Spring 2022. For Wolverine, he could be back as a hero, defending Madripoor as Patch or an ominous techno-organic fate. For Storm, she seems to be content as the goddess, regal as Sol’s Regent, and furious in a look that melds her punk era with the Sol Regent clothing. Last but not least, Hope’s future seems to be the most in flux, as she’s seen as a new mutant savior, a revolutionary, and a member of the Quiet Council.

So what does this mean for the X-Men and Krakoa? We don’t know yet, but if we had to guess, the news is coming very soon. Could it be early next week? Or maybe at C2E2, next weekend?

Keep tuned for more on Destiny of X as it’s revealed!

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