‘Marvel Contest of Champions’: 2022 Narratives And A Fun Animated Treat

by Gary Catig

Earlier this month, Marvel Contest of Champions announced that Kraven the Hunter would be the next character to join the mobile brawler. That was only the tip of the iceberg with regards to announcements because December is also its anniversary month. To celebrate seven years of the game, Kabam shared what to expect in 2022.

The big new over arcing threat for next year will be the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus. Though there will be more localized storylines, they will all link back to this big bad. They teased two powerful Champions to help fight off the Galactus threat.

On the mutant front, the conflict between Charles Xavier and Apocalypse has caused Magneto to reemerge. He reforms a new version of his Brotherhood as an alternative for those who haven’t chosen a side. However, he might have a bigger fish to tussle with as Carina Tivan has assigned The Grandmaster the leader of the Mutants.

We’ll also receive some new Spider-Man content in the future. They teased two related champions that will be arriving as well as a threat from the Spider-Verse that looks to conquer the Battlerealm.

There will be plenty of MCU tie-ins in the upcoming year. Look for content for such films as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Then on the cosmic front, Nova goes searching for a missing Avenger but soon finds himself in the middle of a conflict between the Kree and the Skrulls. If Galactus is involved, you know the Silver Surfer will play a role. The former herald sets out to find a powerful ally to take down the cosmic entity. Then get ready to spend the holidays with the Guardians of the Galaxy as Rocket and Groot try to take a break from all the drama in Battlerealm but learn there’s nowhere they can hide for peace and quiet.

Finally, as a nice little gift for fans during their anniversary, they made a fun animated short where all the Champions put their differences aside for one day to have a party.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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