‘Forspoken ‘Gets Four Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage

by Sage Ashford

After making an appearance at The Game Awards where it confirmed a release date for their game Forspoken, Square-Enix and Luminous Productions have decided to premiere four minutes of gameplay footage to a number of gaming outlets.

The gameplay sees protagonist Frey exploring the environment, showing off Forspoken‘s magic parkour. It gives a glimpse at the last remaining human city in Athia before showing Frey traveling into the open areas. Afterwards, Frey goes into battle against some enemies to give a look at the game’s unique magic combat, which involves switching through spells on the fly through mid- battle.

A look at the game’s menus show Frey’s defense is determined by the magic cloak she’s wearing. Her choice of nails provides different abilities. Check out Frey traveling across the world of Athia, mysteriously skipping tons of enemies, and talking to her partner, the magic cuff on her arm, a lot in the video above.

Forspoken launches on PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store, Steam, and the Microsoft Store on May 24th.

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