The Comicon Advent Calendar – Day 14: Wishing Ty Templeton Well This Christmas

by Richard Bruton

Time for another of our Christmas treats with the Comicon Advent Calendar. This time, take a peek behind the window for the many, many, many funny things that the great comic artist, writer, and cartoonist Ty Templeton has to offer.

Ty Templeton’s a great cartoonist and comic writer/artist, and he’s done several wonderful Christmas strips over the years at various places.

But I recently found out that Templeton’s not been well recently, so it seemed like one of those times where the festivities of the season has to take a back seat to thinking about those in need this festive season as well.

You might have first encountered Ty on his work for Batman Adventures, the Justice League (back when it was funny), Simpsons Comics, or like me you might have first seen his name on Stig’s Inferno, still the funniest comic adaptation (of sorts) of Dante’s The Divine Comedy (and also available to read here.) Most recently, he’s been responsible for some of the best Batman comics of recent years, providing the art to the Batman: The Adventures Continue.

And over the years, I’ve followed his Buntoons cartoons, where he takes issue with everything and anything in his funny and incisive way, through his bunny avatar character. But obviously not regularly enough, because it came as a shock to see that Ty had been diagnosed, back in May 2021, with stage three colo-rectal cancer. It’s inoperable right now, but Ty’s getting treatment.

I could describe it more, but let’s let Ty tell you himself…

He’s also been involved recently in a rather annoying lawsuit over a Dr Seuss parody he did, but I’m not going to get into that right now. Thankfully, for Ty, it’s been settled now – go check out the report from Heidi McDonald’s excellent Comics Beat site for more on that.

So, Merry Christmas to Ty Templeton, one of the great and the good of comics. We wish him all the best this Christmas time and for all the best for his health in 2022. You’re one of the best Ty, get well soon.

Now… back to all the cheery stuff and the Christmas-time things from Ty in years gone by now…

And there’s a hell of a lot to choose from. Take this… the 2-pager Present Tense, originally presented in DC Universe Holiday Bash (1997) #2 – Seriously… Santa and Darkseid! Fabulous…

But when you visit Ty’s site (and you should) there’s a hell of a lot more Christmas stuff to show you – and all of it hilarious, just as you’d expect from one of comics funniest cartoonists working right now.

Like this, from 2017

The Christmas that the Elves Forgot – 2014 –

Or Satan’s Little Helper… from a DC Christmas Special, late ’90s…

Or this, also from 2011… Moment of Doom

Like we say – a funny, funny, funny cartoonist.

But, funny doesn’t stop the bad things happening. So, we wish all the best to Ty Templeton in his fight against the cancer and we hope to be reporting on whatever he does next in 2022.

It’s also a perfect time to suggest that you get off your ass and do something good for the world this Christmas time. Go donate your time to a shelter, go give the money you would have spent on that present you didn’t need to a cancer charity, or any good charity out there. Let’s make the season of goodwill one where we give something back this year.

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