Neftlix Picks Up David F. Walker’s ‘The Hated’ For TV Development

by Erik Amaya

David F. Walker‘s The Hated may be on its way to becoming a Netflix series.

Deadline reports the streaming giant has picked-up the rights to the comic book with an eye toward adapting it as a television program. Set in an alternate history in which the Civil War ended via a truce and the country split in two, the series centers on Araminta Free, a gun-slinging bounty hunter specializing in tracking down vicious Confederate war criminals. Her exploits do not go unnoticed, and thus a price is on her head as well. The comic book is written by Walker with art from Sean Damien Hill and colors by Shaun Struble.

When They See Us and Colin in Black & White‘s Michael Starrbury will serve as executive producer alongside Walker, Adrian Askarieh, and Sean Owolo.

As with all newly announced projects, it is unclear when or if the series will emerge.

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