All-New ‘Astro City: That Was Then…’ One-Shot Special Coming In 2022

by Olly MacNamee

An all-new one-off Astro City special courtesy of Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, Alex Ross, Alex Sinclair, and Comicraft is to be released by Image Comics in 2022. The special, Astro City: That Was Then…, will feature a host of variant covers by Erik Larsen, Marcelo Costa, Leandro Fernández, Jamie McKelvie, Chip Zdarsky, and Rob Guillory and feature some of Image Comics’ contemporary characters. Characters such as Savage Dragon and Samaritan, Radiant Black and the Confessor, The Old Guard and Cleopatra, Beautie in full The Wicked + The Divine style, Quarrel and Crackerjack in a Sex Criminals homage, and Tony Chu and the First Family’s Rex in a Chew-style trip to Beefy Bob’s.

“Astro City: That Was Then… features new and existing heroes and launches a mystery that will drive the forthcoming Astro City series. Who were the Jayhawks? How did they inspire five teen sidekicks looking for answers to hit the road in a rickety crime mobile in 1969? And how will this affect Astro City in the present? It all begins here. And don’t miss the Astro City Metrobook, collecting the first three years of the acclaimed series!”

The Astro City: That Was Then… one-shot will be available on Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 from Image Comics.

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