Pull List Previews: A Round Up Of Popular Previews

by Olly MacNamee

More and more I have noticed the comic book previews we list throughout the week seem to attract a lot of attention. So, rather than throw them into the weekly round up of popular posts this is our Something for the Weekend column, we thought a separate post was the right thing to do. Especially as many comic book fans won’t get to their local comic book store before the weekend. So, as something of a guide to the books that were out this week, here’s five popular preview for new books to chew over ahead of any visit you do make to pick up your pull list.

  1. As one of the few sites given access to Dynamite Comics’ previews, I imagine they will feature heavily week in, week out with Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #5 preview to be found here.
  2. DC Comics had two popular Batman titles previews as part of last Sunday’s Batman Blowout special with both Robin & Batman #2 (here) and new title, Batgirls #1 (here).
  3. Another DC Comics’ series to make it onto our debut list was for Titans United #4 here.
  4. Hulk #2 was another popular preview, but then Donny Cates is one hot property for Marvel. Check out the sophomore issue’s preview here.
  5. Marvel also has Savage Avengers #27 out this week too, with the preview of that issue here.

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