The Comicon Advent Calendar: Day 18 – What’s A Christmas Comic Book Advent Calendar Without A Little Bit Of ‘Calvin & Hobbes’?

by Richard Bruton

It’s deep into Christmas now and I presume by now you are about as heartily sick of hearing the Christmas music and the festive Christmas Ads as I am? Cloying sentimentality is all well and good, but it can get too much. Well, here’s the Comicon Advent Calendar with the antidote, a little Calvin and Hobbes to make your Christmas a little bit better and brighter…

Calvin & Hobbes always did Christmas. They always did it so well.

Everyone, young or old will recognise those feelings, whether it’s the ‘Is he or isn’t he real’ questioning about Santa, the desperate bargaining of the Christmas lists, or the rationalising the bad away in favour of the good. And parents around the world recognise mom and dad’s exhaustion. Oh dear god, the tiredness of Christmas morning.

It’s all here in these glorious Bill Watterson Christmas Calvin & Hobbes strips.

So, here’s the original cute boy and his imaginary friend who’s ever so real. He had way more to say about Christmas than John bloody Lewis ever will…

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