IDW Announces ‘Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures In The 32nd Century’ Four-Issue Mini-Series

by Olly MacNamee

IDW Publishing has announced a new Star Trek comic book, this time tying in to Paramount Plus’s Star Trek: Discovery with Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures in the 32nd Century. A new four-issue mini series written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson and art by Angel Hernandez (Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War,Star Trek: Manifest Destiny).

“Each issue of Adventures in the 32nd Century will spotlight a different cast member, and the first issue’s focus promises a unique perspective from the Star Trek franchise as it reveals the secret history of the queen herself: Grudge the Cat! A flashback tale of her first meeting with Cleveland “Book” Booker sets the stage for a trajectory establishing Grudge as the greatest feline spacefarer of all. Subsequent issues will focus on ensign Adira Tal, Lieutenant Keyla Detmer, and science officer Linus.

“Discovery’s arrival in the 32nd century opens up a whole new universe of adventure for the crew, from the feline to the Saurian. It’s a blast telling stories eight hundred years in the future of Star Trek, where we really have never been before, exploring different facets of their lives.”– Mike Johnson.

“It’s no secret that Star Trek: Discovery’s television series has an amazing cast of characters, and being able to translate those characters and their stories into the comics is a real treat for not only the fans, but also us as well. Diving deeper into Queen Grudge’s mind, to Adira’s relationship with Gray and more, Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures in the 32nd Century gives readers an incredibly detailed perspective of these fan favorite characters.” – Editor Heather Antos.

As for a date of release? Well, not for the first time has the IDW PR team forgot to include one. But, sometime in Spring of 2022 would be my educated guess.

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