Get Hyped For the Second ‘Chainsaw Man’ Trailer

by Tito W. James

In a world where devils are born from human fears, a young depressed man named Denji forms a contract with a doglike devil with the power of chainsaws and becomes Chainsaw Man. The manga written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto is getting an anime from Studio MAPPA.

From it’s outrageous character designs to its subversive humor Chainsaw Man has become one of the most talked about Shonen manga and most highly anticipated upcoming anime. The gritty and bizarre aesthetic is welcome change of pace to the “Moe” high school aesthetic of the 2010s. Even as someone who loves mid-2010s anime, as we enter a new decade I’m more excited for a new way anime can look and feel. Anime has never been more popular but there’s still an over-reliance on stock characters and scenarios. Chainsaw Man appears to be a welcome shock to the system!

Look out for Chainsaw Man in 2022.

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