My Hero Academia Shows Teaser For It’s Sixth Season

by Sage Ashford

BONES and Toho Animation have revealed the trailer for the sixth season of My Hero Academia, which gets into the popular war arc between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front. This arc ran for 53 chapters in the manga, and is one of the most recent arcs of the series, only wrapping up with the release of Chapter 306 in March 2021.  With that in mind, it’s not surprising this season isn’t airing in the usual Spring spot, but instead won’t be making an appearance until the Fall.

However, there also doesn’t appear to be that much more remaining to the manga, with creator Horikoshi Kohei recently saying that “if all goes as planned”, there’s only one year left of My Hero Academia. This comes courtesy of a translated message from Twitter user @aitaikimochi;

Considering where the storyline is, this doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility. However, this doesn’t preclude Horikoshi from doing a sequel manga based on the characters either, which has become quite common in anime and manga recently.

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