‘Harley Quinn’ Supporting Cast Shines In New Episode

by Frank Martin

It’s a testament to the strength of Harley Quinn‘s supporting cast and universe that they can do an entire show without featuring any of the main plot lines or characters. In its essence, the series is about the main character striking out on her own and becoming a unique individual separate from the Joker (Alan Tudyk). So it’s kind of ironic that they would do an episode dedicated entirely to Joker himself. Then again, Joker has had his own character arc in the background of the show as he’s become a redeemable characters of sorts and family man. Under normal circumstances, such a change would be annoying for someone as irredeemable as the Clown Prince of Crime, but the show takes it to such a satirical extreme that it actually works.

The plot of the episode focuses on Joker’s campaign for mayor as he runs against Jim Gordon (Christopher Meloni). The tension in the show comes from Two-Face (Andy Daly), who serves as Gordon’s campaign manager. The great thing about this storyline is that it essentially plays off of the Batman mythos without featuring Batman himself. These characters all have their own separate issues in the comics that have been twisted in the show’s bizarre world. But it still works to create a true comic book setting.

Two-Face really acts like himself by doing whatever it takes to get Gordon to win. This means threatening Joker in a matter that Joker himself may have pulled at his worst. Seeing the entire situation play out between Two-Face, Joker, and Gordon is quite entertaining, and surprisingly so given that neither Batman nor Harley Quinn are present. Knowing the show’s modus operandi, this storyline will probably play out in the background rather than having another entire episode dedicated to it, and rightfully so. Although it was a fun detour, the show needs to get back to telling Harley and Poison Ivy’s journey.

Harley Quinn streams new episodes Thursdays on HBOMax.

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