Art For Art’s Sake # 134 – It’s CHRISTMAS!

by Richard Bruton

Yes, it’s Christmas Time – so settle down, let the impossible amount of food you’ve just eaten digest, and have a wonderfully peaceful and enjoyable Christmas, wherever you are, with some Christmas comic art for you.

It’s been another rather weird, rather terrible year for sure. But all of us here at Comicon hope you’re safe and well this festive season. But just remember those who aren’t as fortunate as you this year and think about giving something this year to a food bank, or a pet shelter, or give something to Crisis or Shelter and help make someone’s Christmas that little bit better.

Now, on with the artwork…

Philip Bond – oh, for a Wired World collection –

Phil Noto

P Craig Russell

Paul Grist with the Doctor –

Margaux Motin –

Mike Mignola‘s message from last year…

Michelle Sciuto

Michael Dialynas – A TMNT Christmas…

Michael Cho

John Byrne – with Willie Lumpkin delivering the pressies…

Marc Ellerby – with Chloe Noonan whomping the nasties this Christmastime –

Jamie Hewlett – a little Tank Girl Christmas message –

Hunt Emerson


Gabriel Ba and Dave Stewart – those Umbrella Academy students…

?Kev O’Neill

Doc Shaner

And a classic Bill Watterson Calvin & Hobbes –

And because we couldn’t do Christmas without them – the Peanuts gang by Charles Schulz of course…


And finally…

A wonderful bit of Batman Animated Christmas fun from Paul Dini and Rich Burchett from Batgirl Adventures 1 (Feb 1998)


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