Review: ‘Transformers Beast Wars’ #11 Takes A Risk

by Benjamin Hall


The Maximals take the fight to the Predacons’ base. Thus, starts an engagement meant to end the Beast Wars. Yet, can the Maximals follow through with this action without losses on either side?


The editing team consists of: Assistant editor Riley Farmer, editor Jazmine Joyner, and supervising editor David Mariotte. While normally they wouldn’t get a mention in a review in this case they make a giant error with the credits on a variant cover. Specifically the retailer incentive cover by artist Brenda Chi has the name “Chan” instead of “Burcham” (for interior artist Josh Burcham). Though some readers will dismiss it a just a flaw it is actually a major flaw considering proper attribution can help creators with their respective rights. Other than that the team of editors seems to do a good job on this issue.

Transformers Beast Wars #11 (2021) cover B art by John Yurcaba.

Artist SidVenBlu is responsible for cover A. It mostly features bright colors. SidVenBlu also creates a decent action pose for Skold. Cover B is by artist John Yurcaba, and some stylistic and standard elements. An example of a stylistic element is the curving of Dinobot’s sword. While a standard element is the look of the characters. The cover by Brenda Chi is very similar in style to Josh Burcham. Though it differs in both the execution of the lines and the look of Rattrap’s chest in robot mode.

When it comes to interiors Josh Burcham does a great job. Particularly in depicting the plot twist that writer Erik Burnham scripts toward the end. Burcham also does a much better job with the transformations and fight scenes in this issue. Though Burcham could do better with the coloring of characters in darker environments, at least in this issue. As for Burnham, his work on characterization is mostly fine, but there is too much compression for certain developments. Case in point the plot twist towards the end only has superficial justification for one of the characters. Finally the work of letterer Jake M. Wood assists not only Burnham’s dialogue and characterization, but also successfully ties all the narrative elements together.

Transformers Beast Wars #11 (2021) is out now from IDW.

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