AfterShock Comics Announce ‘Midnight Rose’ One-Shot From Jim Starlin And Nikkol Jelenic 

by Olly MacNamee

Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos, Gamora, Dreadstart and more, is teaming up with artist Nikkol Jelenic for a new 64 page, one-shot special, Midnight Rose from AfterShock Comics.

“Join the legendary Jim Starlin (Creator of Thanos, Gamora, Dreadstar) and Nikkol Jelenic (AFTERDARK, A Taste for Killing, The Fall, Red Crow) on a journey through the life of a singular, frightening and very human creature: MIDNIGHT ROSE. A particularly bizarre tale of loneliness, love and what happens when you can’t help but give in to the vengeance growing deep within yourself.”

Out Wednesday 13th  April, Starlin expanded on the synopsis and explained more about what this one-shot is about, and the inspirations that fuelled its production:

“It’s about living an alternative life and the ramification of such a hand being dealt to you. But out of the ashes of misery and hardship sometimes a grand legacy buds.

“Nikkol, and her other job of putting together floral arrangements. The bonding of women with flowers has usually been a benign tale, with some exceptions such as Poison Ivy.  I wanted to take that union to a real horror level.  Thus, MIDNIGHT ROSE.”

Artist Nikkol Jelenic discussed her approach to the art-style she adopted for this project:

“As far as my approach goes with illustrations, I am a fan of detail. I love seeing and collecting that sort of art where after the story has been read, you can always go back and gaze over the artwork to see every bit that has been drawn in for the visual end of the book.

I have a deep fondness for flowers and I wanted to be sure nearly every page of MIDNIGHT ROSE would have some type of botanical elements drawn into it to show the connection to Rose and all that grows around her.”

Finally, Jelenic also discussed her experiences of working with the living legends that is Jim Starlin and AfterShock Comics:

“I am absolutely stoked to be working with AfterShock, as this is the first book I’ve done as a Graphic Novel format and there are loads of great reads with beautiful art under the label that I am honored to be in good company with!

Teaming up with Jim on MIDNIGHT ROSE has been amazing. It’s wonderful to feel that the creation of a book is cohesive on both ends. This is the second story we’ve worked on and he has such a coherent way of laying out the scripts for me that I can illustrate the story and feel it will sync seamlessly with our vision.”

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