Are The Reports Of Bad Idea’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated? Quite Possibly

by Olly MacNamee

Well, after all the ho-hah created by Bad Idea themselves, it would seem that may very well survive their own self imposed execution. In the same message to retailers informing them they are all ‘fired”, Bad Idea go on to promote a new Destination Store program. What?

Here’s the full statement to chew over below:

“Greetings, BAD IDEA retailers,

Happy New Year!

Effectively immediately you’re all fired.

BAD IDEA is over as we know it and so is the BAD IDEA Destination Store program, as we know it.

Additionally, applications are now being accepted for the new BAD IDEA Destination Store program which would go into effect should BAD IDEA ever choose to make its much demanded, highly anticipated and unquestionably triumphant return.

Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. We do not anticipate increasing the size of the program. If the program slots are filled before all the applications have been reviewed the remaining applications will go into a waitlist.

Who needs to apply?
If you were a destination store (until today), you will need to apply.
If you were on the waitlist, you will need to apply.
If you are new to BAD IDEA, you will need to apply.
If you are banned, you need not apply. Bans are permanent. Thanks for playing!

In order to apply, existing stores:

1. must keep the BAD IDEA point of purchase items prominently displayed for the time being. We have very specific disposal plans and will be in touch about those shortly.

2. must continue to honor and abide by the rest of the BAD IDEA rules through the release of the remaining FINAL FIVE issues delayed by the paper crisis and beyond.

3. must have an account in good financial standing with no past due invoices.

4. must complete the application form below.

In order to apply, waitlisted stores or those new to BAD IDEA:

1. must complete the application form below.

Please note, stores that break the BAD IDEA rules, despite today’s layoffs, will be dealt with in the same manner going forward as they would have been in the past i.e. curt phone call using from BAD IDEA in a disapproving tone followed by a possible banning.

Thank you for all your support. We appreciate you all so much and wish you all the luck in the world on your applications! We’re rooting for you!!


You know, I had a feeling they were up to something from the very start. But with the digital publication of Ryan Bodenheim’s work-in-progress comic, Sparks #1, yesterday, it kinda gave the game away a bit. After all, Sparks #1 was never announced before it was published as a tribute to the deceased creator. Hmmm, so what will are they cooking up and when will we hear from them again And, under what new name? Watch this space, I suppose.

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