‘Naomi’ Learns Part Of The Truth In A Preview Of Next Week’s Show

by Erik Amaya

It seems Naomi’s (Kaci Walfall) grousing about telling her parents the truth was misplaced as, well, they know part of what’s going on. And as glimpsed in this preview for next week’s episode of Naomi, they’ll recall the night they found her in the woods sixteen years prior. Some of these ideas will be familiar to those who’ve read the comic — indeed, the drive out to the woods in this week’s episode was a mighty loud echo of the comic — but the details are definitely getting revamped. Meanwhile, Naomi’s increasing confidence brings Akira (Stephanie March) out of the shadows and a hunter to Port Oswego.


One detail seemingly left on the comic page is the extraterrestrial origin of Naomi’s adoptive father, Greg (Barry Watson) — although, it’s still possible he may turn out to be Rannian in the end. But it’s easy to see a version of this show converting him into a regular human caught up in the anti-alien government task force. And, of course, with thirty members of Naomi’s species and a Thanagarian running around, Rann might be too much for a show as interested in teen-aged love interests and throwing around tennis balls as it is a big alien conspiracy.

That said, the world of Naomi is interesting. Comic book characters are simultaneously real and not real. The government knows about aliens, but is keeping it really hush-hush. Oh, and Naomi’s friends can all seemingly appear out of thin air! Okay, that last one may just be a comedy beat, but we’re happy to see the energy on display and, hopefully, the mystery will continue to be compelling even if we get the some of the same answers as the comic book.

Naomi airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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