House Of X: Previewing This Week’s ‘X-Men’ Titles From Marvel Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Three pretty big books out this week. We have X Lives of Wolverine #2, X-Cellent #1, Sabretooth #1 and Walter and Louise Simonson back on X-Men in X-Men Legends #11. All out this Wednesday 2nd February from Marvel Comics.

X-Cellent #1

Written by: Peter Milligan
Art by: Mike Allred

“IT’S FINALLY HERE! They were loved by their adoring fans. They were reviled by the harsh press. They lived, they loved, they fought and they died…a lot – all for the sake of fame. They were the X-Statix, a team of mutant celebrities fighting for a brighter world and an even brighter spotlight! But they’re old news now, because there’s a new mutant team that will live harder, love harder, fight harder and die a whole lot harder than those has-beens! Peter Milligan, Michael Allred and Laura Allred return to introduce the best new super hero team you didn’t know you needed! Meet…THE X-CELLENT!”

X-Men Legends #11

Written by: Louise Simonson
Art by: Walt Simonson

“APOCALYPSE’S HORSEMEN RIDE FOR THE NEW MUTANTS! Just in time to celebrate forty years of the original NEW MUTANTS, catch up with some old friends – like SUNSPOT, CANNONBALL, WOLFSBANE, BOOM-BOOM, DANI MOONSTAR, RICTOR and more – as CALIBAN leads PESTILENCE and WAR, the remaining horsemen of APOCALYPSE, in a hunt for new blood! Witness the never-before-seen link between the New Mutants and Apocalypse in this all-new tale penned by NEW MUTANTS legend Louise Simonson!”

X Lives of Wolverine #2

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Joshua Cassara

“TARGET: XAVIER! WEEK 3 – WOLVERINE navigates the timestream, revisiting moments in his life. But how does XAVIER unite them all.”

Cover by: Adam Kubert

Sabretooth #1

Written by: Victor LaValle
Art by: Leonard Kirk
Cover by: Ryan Stegman

“DOWN IN A HOLE! Sabretooth went into the Pit, sentenced to an eternity of torment. Sure, that sounds like hell, but maybe that’s where he feels most at home. What’s he been doing down there? What secret deal has changed his fate forever? And what if he’s not alone? Award-winning novelist Victor LaValle teams up with amazing artist Leonard Kirk to bring us the story of what lies beneath Krakoa.”

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