‘Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall’ Releases First Trailer

by Tito W. James

Black Rock Shooter is a Japanese multi-media franchise based on characters created by illustrator Ryohei Fuke and centered around a mysterious black haired girl with a blazing blue eye. The series began as a music video before being expanded into successful OVA series in 2012. Having rewatched the series recently, I can attest that the story still packs a punch even ten years later. Black Rock Shooter is the kind of action oriented dark magical girl series that’s hard to pull off. Because of its emotionally rich characters and dark themes Black Rock Shooter easily earns a place beside Magical Girl Madoka and Wonder Egg Priority.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall appears to be a reboot or continuation that pushes the series heroines into harsher battles. What comes as a big surprise to me is that Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall will be streaming on Disney+. The original OVA series was brutally violent and explored some sexually subversive themes. This is noticeably off-brand for Disney animation. Only time will tell if this leads to controversy or greater opportunities for Western animation to push the envelope.

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall will be streaming on Disney + in Spring 2022.

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