A Shocking Turn: Reviewing ‘Static: Season One’ #5

by Scott Redmond


Milestone’s Return continues to soar higher and higher as Static: Season One is a showcase of amazing writing and stunning gorgeous dynamic artwork that are bringing one of the best (superhero) comic books to life. Hopefully we have a season two and three and more on the way because it would be a true crime to not get more of this book from this fantastic creative team.


The life of a superhero is rough, especially when one has just gotten started and is trying to push back against forces on all sides. Virgil Hawkins has made his big debut as the shocking hero that will be known as Static, but unfortunately for him, the big Bang Baby breakout plan has taken a sharp turn.

Comic books are things created by hard-working, far underpaid, individuals and not corporations as some parts of fandom might act online. Because there are people behind these comics, delays are an understandable part of the equation because they have lives and things come up. Often when such delays happen books can lose momentum because unfortunately, the attention span in respect to most entertainment mediums can be short. This book does not fall into that realm at all.

Everything that Vita Ayala, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, and Andworld Design are doing on this book makes it so gorgeous, engaging, and stand tall amongst its superhero comic book peers. It feels like so many people might be sleeping on this title, and that is a massive mistake. This is a top-tier superhero series and will for certain be one of the classic books spoken about when people discuss this era/generation in the future.

Right now, there is no arguing that Ayala is truly one of the best writers working in comics right now when it comes to things like character development, character moments, and presenting realistic nuanced takes on a variety of life and world issues no matter how fantastical the world. Their ability to weave that with some amazing, detailed superhero action stuff hits all of the perfect notes.

It would not be a lie to state that there are not that many superhero books on the shelves right now that look like what Draper-Ivey is producing here. With this issue we get to see him fully cut loose with all aspects of the art on his own it’s pretty fantastic. There is just an inherent weight to his style, especially in the way he goes about coloring the work, alongside a very visually distinctive energy. It’s detailed and weighty with those hints of reality but also big and colorful and fantastical in all the right ways.

There are a lot of bright colors but they’re paired with shadowy or dark tones that obscure or highlight things. There is also a very dramatic sense to the way he handles the paneling, especially turning the white space around the panels black and giving a lot of borders against the panels. Also, a number of those panels actually made it feel like Static or others were about to come off the page into our world which is always fun.

Andworld Design is a name that folks have probably seen more and more in a lot of big comics, and there is a good reason for that. They have a very solid and fun and engaging style to their lettering work that gives it personality and quirks but also perfectly matches whatever mood or tone or energy there is from the rest of the book. Give me big colorful SFX that take on visual looks akin to whatever thing they are meant to be the sound for (fire, electricity, etc) and I’m a happy camper.

When someone talks about the idea of ‘great comics,’ well this right here is great comics.

Static: Season One #5 is now on sale in print and digitally from DC Comics.

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