Kickstarting Comics: Paul Rainey’s ‘Gripe Night’

by Richard Bruton

Something else for you to spend your hard-earned cash on – Paul Rainey’s Gripe Night, more wonderful comics work coming your way…


I’ve known Paul Rainey’s comics for decades now and he’s an artist we’ve featured here at Comicon a fair number of times (Journey into Indignity, Starman, and winning the 2020 Observer Comica Prize).

But this week, there’s two big bits of news about Rainey. First, he’s launched another Kickstarter for a new comic, Gripe Night.

Rainey describes Gripe Night as something he’s been working on secretly for that last year and more. It features primarily all-new content.

Inside Gripe Night, you’ll find his Cape/Observer/Comica Short Story Prize-winning short, Similar To But Not! plus a selection of typically Rainey-esque tales from his memoirs – William, It Was Everything, Boom Boom Push The Button and the introduction of Aunty Bunty! And as for Rainey’s off-kilter musing on pop culture and celebs… how about unseen episodes of Ricky Gervais: He Talks To The Animals! a very different take on Keanu’s hitman in Wicksy Goes Beserk! and a secret biography of a certain celeb baker in The Paul Willyhood Story.

(Wicksy Goes Beserk!)

The Paul Willyhood Story

28 pages of wonderful comics from an author whose work’s always impressed and who seems to be FINALLY getting some of the attention he deserves!

The Kickstarter for Gripe Night has already reached its modest total, but there’s always most in terms of stretch goals and the rest – but more than anything, it’s well worth it just to see a cartoonist doing the best work of a long career. The Kickstarter runs until 19 February – go back it and tell your friends. After all, as Rainey points out –

The first rule of GRIPE NIGHT is that you tell everybody about GRIPE NIGHT.


Aunt Libby
William, It Was Everything
Ricky Gervais – He Talks To The Animals
Similar To But Not

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