Video Preview: Josef Tzegai Yohannes’ Eritrean-Norwegian Kindle Series ‘The Urban Legend’

by Brendan M. Allen

The US release of The Urban Legend #1 drops today on Amazon Kindle. There are lessons to be learned from the internationally celebrated Eritrean-Norwegian comic series, written by award-winning creator Josef Tzegai Yohannes, with art and letters by Newtasty, colors by Sara Machajewski and Juan Moraga Gonzalez

‘By day Malcolm T. Madiba is a schoolteacher who lives by a code of justice and honor. After the murder of his brother, he adopts the alter-ego of The Urban Legend, a crime-fighting superhero committed to justice and protecting the innocent, putting bad guys in their place to help to keep the streets of recession-ravaged Capital City safe. A superhero with and without a mask, Malcolm’s compassion and inspiration move further than all the others to truly make a difference in the world.’

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