ZOOP Launches ‘Protect Trans Kids’ Pin Campaign In Response To Anti-Trans Legislation

by Brendan M. Allen

Today on Zoop, a new charity fundraising campaign was launched to #ProtectTransKids. Spearheaded by Jordaan Arledge, the campaign features a Protect Trans Kids Charity Pin” that backers can get, with proceeds donated to TENT (Transgender Education Network of Texas). 

The fundraising campaign (found here) is in response to the rise in anti-Trans legislation and ordinances being passed across the United States.

This is the second campaign launched by Arledge on the platform, the first being the comic series Shuffle.

Arledge had this to say:

Transgender youth are the most vulnerable of us.

I was a transgender kid. I’m alive and well today because I have parents that love and support me – and parents that settled in a state I could grow up safely in. Unfortunately, as we’re seeing in Texas, not everyone has this privilege.

I firmly believe that those who have the ability to help also have the obligation to help. That’s why I’ve created this pin design and campaign: To give back and help as best I can and maybe create opportunities for others to chip in as well.

The funding goal for this campaign is $400 – just enough to produce the pins and ship them out. All proceeds from the #ProtectTransKids pin will benefit TENT (Transgender Education Network of Texas).

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