Live Out Your ’80s Pro Wrestling Dreams In ‘WrestleQuest’

by Sage Ashford

At Xbox’s id@Xbox show, Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Games announced WrestleQuest, a new title for people to live out their dreams of becoming a pro wrestler.  Brought to life with gorgeous pixel art, WrestleQuest merges RPG storytelling with more 80s pro wrestling references than an episode of a Jim Cornette podcast.

The player starts out as a complete unknown, climbing up the ranks as they develop their personality and moveset, gathering allies around them. Along the way, they’ll meet references to legendary wrestlers like “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Andre the Giant. There’s also the potential to run into strange other realms, acknowledging just how weird pro wrestling can get with its stories sometimes.

WrestleQuest has no release date, but is coming to Xbox consoles and PC via Steam.

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