Review Round Up: Bringing You All Of Last Week’s Comic Book Reviews

by Olly MacNamee

More reviews for you to sink your teeth into from our small band of brothers.

Scott Redmond reviewed the following comic books:

  1. Robins #12 (DC Comics)
  2. Miles Morales: Spider-Man #36 (Marvel Comics)
  3. Immortal X-Men #1(Marvel Comics)
  4. All-New Firefly #2 (BOOM! Studios)

Tony Thornley took a gander at these titles:

  1. X Deaths of Wolverine #5 (Marvel Comics)
  2. Godzilla Versus Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1 (IDW Publishing/BOOM! Studios)

Tom Smithyman reviewed the following:

  1. Something is Killing the Children #21 (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Step by Bloody Step #2 (Image Comics)
  3. Rogue Sun #2 (Image Comics)

Richard Bruton reviewed Proteus Rex (Rebellion) and I reviewed The Magic Order 2 #6 (Image Comics).

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