ND Stevenson’s ‘Nimona’ Is Coming to Netflix

by Tito W. James

ND Stevenson (She-Ra and The Princess of Power) announced via Twitter that an animated adaptation of their graphic novel Nimona would be coming to Netflix in 2023. The story follows Nimona (Chloe Grace Moretz), a shapeshifter who joins the villain Ballister Blackheart (Riz Ahmed) in his plans to destroy the over-controlling Institute. The graphic novel was slated to have an animated adaptation by Blue Sky Studios but was delayed (and ultimately cancelled) due to Disney’s buyout of 20th Century Studios.

Nimona has found a better home at Netflix and Annapurna and will no doubt be able to keep its openly queer themes intact. Congratulations to Stevenson, Nimona is finally getting the animated adventure she deserves.

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