Dark Horse Books Presents Marc Guggenheim’s ‘Fragmentation’

by Brendan M. Allen

From writer Marc Guggenheim, artist Beni R. Lobe, and colorist Christopher Sotomayor comes Guggenheim’s newest mind-bending graphic novel Fragmentation.

When pieces of history from some of the world’s most historic events start appearing as fragments of time invading our world, all of human existence is threatened. One family discovers that their personal tragedy is at the center of everything, making them the only people who can help put an end to the Fragmentations which threaten humanity.

“With Fragmentation, we’ve tried to create the comic book equivalent of a Christopher Nolan feature film with a simple story of family at its core,” said Guggenheim. “Beni Lobe has done the work of his career bringing these amazing visuals to stunning life.”

The Fragmentation hardcover will be available for $24.99 at comic stores November 30, 2022 and in bookstores December 13, 2022. 

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