Advance Review: Revisiting Fan Favorites in `Star Trek: Ferengi’

by Tom Smithyman


If newer Star Trek series like Discovery and Picard have you reminiscing for more classic tales, this book likely has what you’re looking for. Set before Deep Space Nine’s final season, this one-shot tells a fun story that will take fans back to the future.


If you’ve been missing the misadventures of aliens Quark, his brother Rom, mom Moogie and the Grad Nagus from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, IDW has just what you’re looking for in Star Trek: Ferengi.

Introduced in the Next Generation’s pilot episode, the Ferengi were fleshed out in DS9. We learned about the rules of acquisition and the species’ highly misogynistic culture. Women are forbidden to wear clothing, for example. More important, though, we came to love the characters. Quark was the ultimate capitalist. His mom wanted to advance the rights of women.

That’s why this story from writer Christina Rice and artist Andy Price feels authentic to the Ferengi lore. Quark realizes that Moogie is up to her old women’s liberation tricks and is sneaking clothed female Ferengi into the Gamma Quadrant, using the nearby wormhole. Quark and Rom get pulled into the caper and hilarity ensues.

All the characters act exactly as they did in the television series. In order words, this oversized one-shot could have been a weekly episode, which is a pretty high compliment.

That’s not to say the story isn’t without its flaws. The creators make the understandable yet odd choice of including most of the rest of the DS9 cast in the story, though most are nothing more than images on the page with no speaking role. It’s nice to see Benjamin Sisko and Jadzia Dax again, but they end up a little more than a distraction from the story. (They do the same with bar regular Morn, but since he never spoke over the show’s seven seasons, it feels more appropriate and even welcome.) The ending also comes across as pretty anti-climactic.

Still, any chance to revisit DS9 and these great characters is a welcome one.

Star Trek: Ferengi will be available for purchase on April 20, 2022.


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