Wong And Rintrah Arrive In ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

Marvel Future Fight isn’t the only mobile game receiving Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness tie-ins. Marvel Contest of Champions is also getting in on the action with their latest update providing some exciting new content.

The award-winning mobile fighter recently announced the latest two Champions joining the title: Wong and Rintrah. In addition, the master of mystical arts, Doctor Strange, will be added to every player’s roster whether they are new or current. You just have to download and log in before June 8 to receive the character. Check out the brief description below to see what The Contest has cooking for the month of May.

An unseen enemy has begun to weaken the magical wards that help protect The Battlerealm, and it falls to Wong to stop them! Teaming up with America Chavez and the mystical minotaur Rintrah, Wong will need all his wits and wisdom to overcome this mysterious foe.

Also included in the update is the Eternity of Pain challenge trials. For those anxious to collect the newest Champions, Rintrah will arrive May 12 while Wong will arrive May 26. In the meantime, read up on their following character bios:

Wong: A Master of the Mystic Arts and the current Sorcerer Supreme (through a technicality), Wong is a stoic individual that has devoted his life to protecting the Sanctum Sanctorum using the Mystic Arts of Kamar-Taj, taking on the mantle of his former master, the Ancient One. While his applications of the mystic arts may not be as robust as those of previous Sorcerer Supremes, his vast knowledge and familiarity with tomes and magical relics make him a more than capable adversary, on and off the battlefield.

Rintrah: Rintrah is a being from another dimension, hailing from the planet R’Vaal. His mystical potential was first realized by Enitharmon the Weaver, who started Rintrah’s training in the ways of magic. Traveling from his homeworld, Rintrah began apprenticing under the sorcerer supreme himself, Doctor Strange. Combining the power of arcane might and the brute strength of hoof and horn, Rintrah is a force to be reckoned with by any who would dare threaten him or the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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