Review: ‘Deathstroke Inc.’ #11 Is A Rather Dull, Uneventful Crossover Comic

by Olly MacNamee


Part three of the current Batman related crossover plays out in ‘Deathstroke Inc.’ #11. But, it doesn’t really add anything to the story, or to the series so far. If anything, it’s another step in the wrong direction for a comic book series that, originally, seemed to be a highly original series. Now, it’s beginning to feel like another mediocre mainstream comic book title.


A lot of times a big cross-title event can derail the storytelling and rhythm of a series. And Deathstroke Inc. #11 is one such comic. After such a promising start not only has this title taken a huge and sudden detour from its original concept that with yet another bump in the road caused by the current ‘Shadow War’ crossover, a good deal of what I enjoyed about this book has been smothered or los completely. Yes there are the odd few great lines of dialogue courtesy of writer Joshua Williamson – mainly between Deathstroke and Respawn hiding away on a safe house underneath San Francisco – and yes the artwork continues to be of quality with Paolo Pantalene being an adept replacement for Howard Porter, but it just feels like a filler. This issue is a mediocre chapter in what seems to be a mediocre crossover. Batman clenching Talia Al Ghul in a passionate kiss only for them both to draw away with tail realising it was a momentary lapse in judgment is a prime example of this mediocracy. Has Williamson spread himself too thinly, I wonder, given how many comics he is currently juggling? This is simply not up to his usual standard. And, lest we forget, he is the architecture of this particular Batman crossover too. So, no excuses really. 

The issue rushes by with not much in the way of story, or story development. A comic pushed out simply to move the story from one point to the other, with the main action seemingly saved for some other Batman related title. 

I can only hope that Deathstroke Inc. does not suffer any further because it will inevitably lead to a loss in readership and a cancellation of the series too. Sadly, if it doesn’t find its original voice and vision and soon, I fear the end of this series closing in sooner rather than later.

Deathstroke Inc. #11 is out now from DC Comics

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