Mads Mikkelsen Reprises His Role As The Black Kaiser In New Film

by Tito W. James

In a recent article from The Hollywood Reporter Mads Mikkelsen and director Jonas Akerlund are working together on another Polar Film titled The Black Kaiser. The new film is neither a sequel nor a prequel to 2019’s Polar. The Black Kaiser is about notorious hitman Duncan Vizla uncovering a deadly conspiracy protecting a powerful syndicate of killers and unwittingly becoming their number-one target.

This announcement comes as a pleasant surprise given how unhinged the first film was. As a fan of Victor Santos’ Polar comics I felt Polar film was the perfect adaptation. However, the neo-grindhouse elements proved to be “polarizing” to certain critics and audiences. I hope the filmmakers will cater to fans of the first film and Pulp lovers instead of watering-down the insanity to appeal to a wide viewership.

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