Tremendicon Announces Massive Guest Lineup And ‘Tremendiconcert’

by Brendan M. Allen

Billed as a playground to create and collaborate for creative professionals, Tremendicon, coming to Springfield Missouri in June, has added dozens of guests to their lineup. The focus of the event is on Education, Inspiration, Encouragement, Collaboration, and Charity. 

Tremendicon is a nonprofit, donating 80% of profits to Ozarks Food Harvest, and the remainder going back to creators wishing to pursue a career in the creative arts.  The event promises all of the guests, activities, gaming, shopping, excitement, and fun that fans have come to expect from a science fiction, fantasy, and comic book convention but also promises a different spin on the “standard” convention.

Among dozens of guests in attendance at the convention will be Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, John Hornor Jacobs, Shane Hensley, Cullen Bunn, Buster Moody, Wyatt Weed, as well as professional turntablists DJP and Mix Master Mike.


“The Tremendicon guest list has grown into an epic list of professional creators,” said Tremendicon President David Stanfield. “From award winning authors like Brian Keene, John Hornor Jacobs, and Cullen Bunn to game designers like Shane Hensley, who created the Deadlands role-playing game, the knowledge and ability that attendees will have access to can be a pathway to a new hobby or new career. We want Tremendicon to be a possible first step into a more rewarding life.”

Creative tracks being explored this year include Artists, Writers, Game Design, Cosplay, Comic Books, Multimedia, Makers, and Kids’ Programming. There will be many activities for every track throughout the weekend. Track content will include panels, seminars, workshops, readings, demonstrations, and much more. 

“All the tracks have so much good content for attendees with workshops, demonstrations and panels that are going to be valuable to those that attend,” said Stanfield. “But we didn’t stop there.  We have a Pinball Tournament sponsored by 1984 Arcade, Trivia, Cosplay Masquerade, Gaming Room, Movie Rooms, and the Tremendiconcert on Saturday night when DJP will open for Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys. You don’t want to miss any of it. We feel very blessed to have the support from Mix Master Mike and that he chose Tremendicon for his first concert in Springfield, Missouri.”

The first Tremendicon will be held on June 17 – 19, 2022, at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center.

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