Funeral For A Friend – Previewing ‘Devil’s Reign: Omega’

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by: In-Hyuk Lee

Written by: Jim Zub, Daniel Barnes, Chip Zdarsky
Art by: Luciano Vecchio, Guillermo Sanna, Rafael de Latorre, Carlos Lopez, Javier Tartaglia, Federico Blee, Dijjo Lima


In the wake of one of the most visceral Marvel stories ever, New York City stands remade and reforged—if not in Wilson Fisk’s image, then at the very least in his spirit. After a battle that nearly tore the city and its citizens apart, New York’s Super Heroes have no choice but to try to adapt to the new and dangerous paradigm they find themselves operating under—with eight million people turned against them! The shocking outcome to Marvel’s NYC mayoral race, the fate of Elektra as the Woman Without Fear, and more exciting developments will emerge from the ashes of Kingpin’s takeover.”

Devil’s Reign: Omega is out Wednesday 25th May from Marvel

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